Bhadla Solar park Phase II

Bhadla, Rajasthan

Bhadla is a sandy, dry and arid region with an area of about 45 km2. located in the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. Bhadla is about 200 km north of Jodhpur and about 320 km west of Jaipur. The region has been described as "almost unlivable" due its climate. Average temperatures in Bhadla hover between 46 and 48 degrees Celsius. Hot winds and sand storms occur frequently. The closest habitation to Bhadla is the village of Bap, located about 50 km away, and the closest urban area - a tehsil town called Phalodi - is 80 km away.

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Solar park Bhadla Solar park Phase II
Name of the SPPD Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation
Location Bhadla, Rajasthan
Total capacity installed 680 MW
Date of operation Mar 26, 2017
SPD/IPP(s) 5 (Fortum, Rising Energy, Solaire Direct, Yarrow, NTPC)
Tariff(s) in INR 4.34 (70 MW)/ 4.35(280 MW)/ 4.36 (70 MW)
Total being generated in MW -0
Total being generated in MWh 2.184e+4
Total being generated in MVAr 18
Total Generated in MW View graph
System Voltage Profile View graph
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