Bhadla Solar park Phase IV

Bhadla, Rajasthan

The phase IV of Bhadla solar park was developed by Adani. SECI auctioned 250 MW capacity on 9 May 2017.

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Solar park Bhadla Solar park Phase IV
Name of the SPPD Adani
Location Bhadla, Rajasthan
Total capacity installed 250 MW
Date of operation May 09, 2017
SPD/IPP(s) 2 (Phelan Energy Group and Avaada Power; SBG Cleantech, Airtel and Foxconn)
Tariff(s) in INR 2.62 (150 MW). 2.63 (100 MW)
Total being generated in MW 28
Total being generated in MWh 3.336e+4
Total being generated in MVAr 13
Total Generated in MW View graph
System Voltage Profile View graph
System Frequency View graph

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